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We’ll manage, maintain and care for your website by carrying out essential updates and adding content.

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Ensuring the best website possible.

A lot of our clients will admit that they are not tech savvy.

So, we’ll take the stress away of the day-to-day managing of your website by doing it for you.

From carrying out and managing updates, taking daily backups or adding/edit website content, whenever you need us, we will be there to do it for you.

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How do our Website Management Services work?

Regular website maintenance, including plugin and theme updates, is more important than you may think.

Firstly, updates often contain critical security patches that protect your website from vulnerabilities and potential cyber attacks.

Outdated plugins or themes can expose your website to security risks, compromising sensitive data or causing downtime.

Website updates ensure that your website remains compatible with the latest web standards and technologies, providing a smooth and seamless user experience.

Plugin and theme updates often come with new features and functionality, allowing you to enhance your website’s performance and capabilities. Ignoring updates can result in a website that becomes outdated, slow, or prone to errors.

Maintaining your website with regular updates demonstrates professionalism and reliability to your visitors, establishing trust and credibility for your brand.

Regular website maintenance is essential for ensuring website security, performance, and user experience, and ultimately contributing to the success of your online presence.

"We now have a slick, concise and professional-looking website."

Ali McGrath
General Manager at ROXLIFE

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Comprehensive website management for Mimi has contributed to an increase to 5% in conversions.

Website Management FAQs.

Our Website Management FAQ can help answer any questions you may still have about the services we offer.

Why do websites break?

There’s a plethora of reasons as to why websites can break. Because so much code goes in to a website, one small piece of code could make or break a website. Sometimes, it’s almost impossible to spot.

If your website tells you that it needs to update, sometimes, these updates aren’t fully tested before they are put out to customers. If this is the case and it breaks your site, you need to get back online ASAP.

I'm busy. Can you do it all for me?

We’d love to! With our range of packages, we cover everything you can imagine with a website.

If you need a page updating, a policy adding or a product changing, we’ll happily do it for you. Just get in touch using the form below – let’s have a chat!

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