6 Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Getting traffic to your website is the first step in increasing your website conversion rate and getting new customers. But what do you do next?

How do I increase my website conversion rate?

So, you’ve spent hour after hour implementing all the right practices to drive fresh traffic to your website.

You are blogging about topics that your target customer cares about.

You are promoting your content on the appropriate channels.

After digging into your website analytics, you are definitely on the right track… so where are the leads?

Shouldn’t more website traffic mean more leads?

Isn’t that the point of all of this?


We speak to clients on a daily basis who’s number one issue is conversions. They think they have a great website, they pay someone to do SEO and everything is fine from their perspective. But there’s lots of things that can be tweaked, improved and tested to ensure that people convert on your website!


Introduction to Conversion Rate

Getting traffic to your website is definitely the first step (some might argue the toughest step) in the equation of increasing your website conversion rate and getting new customers.

Sometimes, so much attention is placed on getting the ideal customer to your website, that the actual site experience is overlooked.

What good is all the traffic in the world going to do, if everyone comes to a screeching halt the moment they get to your website?

Let’s take a look at Conversion Rate Optimisation or ‘CRO’.


Understanding Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of enhancing the design and content of your website and landing pages to increase the amount of website visitors convert or complete a desired action.

In another way, it is making changes that increase the number of website visitors that fill out a form, call for an appointment, download an ebook or visit your location.

Website analytics (i.e. Google Analytics) and user feedback are two key tools in determining what changes will yield the best website conversion rate.


Establishing Goals & Measuring Success

If this is your first round of CRO, then you might not quite know what your benchmark numbers are.

Not a big deal.

Start by identifying your KPIs for your online efforts.

Are you trying to increase form submissions?

Then track the percentage of website visitors that complete a form.

Measure this over a certain time period and then establish a SMART goal based off that number to work towards.

For example: ‘I want to achieve a 10% conversion rate within the next 6 months for my website’. It’s specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and bound by time. You would measure this by the number of website visitors, divided by the number of form submissions you’ve received on your website.

Again, for example:

1,000 visitors, 100 form submissions = 10% conversion rate.

Now, this is a pretty high conversion rate (and if you are achieving this already, your website is already pretty optimised for conversions!).


6 Ways To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Increase Your Website Conversion Rate Tip #1: Using Landing Pages

Too often people click on a Paid Search Ad, for a company’s specific product or service, and get direct to your home page… ugh.

If what I’m looking for is not front and centre, there’s a good chance that people are backing out of your site and going to the next option.

There goes a wasted visitor and wasted money for the click.

The ideal alternative would be to create a landing page that talks only about the product/service people are looking for.

You will instantly grab their attention with your ad and now they’re on your website… be sure that you keep them and get them to convert.


Increase Your Website Conversion Rate Tip #2: Use Calls To Action

Your Call To Action is one of the most important components of Conversion Rate Optimisation.

This is your main focal point that tells the site visitor why they need to do exactly what you want them to do.

The Call To Action should contain both value and urgency.

An example of this could be “Stop Wasting Time and Money Driving Traffic to Your Website That Does Not Convert.  Schedule a Free 30 Minute Consultation on How to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate Today!” with a “Schedule Now” button at the end.

This CTA addresses both value and urgency.


Here are a couple different types of Calls To Action you can use on your website or landing pages:

  • Lead Generation – Get your site visitor to schedule an appointment or requesting a call back.
  • Form Submissions – A well constructed form can help gather information you seek.
  • Read More Buttons – Sometimes you just need to get them interested in learning more. Create a CTA that makes them dig deeper into with more detailed information.
  • Product Demo / Free Trial – We are in a try it before you buy it consuming world.  If possible, provide a free product demo / trial offer.
  • Social Sharing Buttons – Make it easy for site visitors to share your website or landing pages with their social media audiences.

While your website / landing page can have more than one CTA, it is important to clearly identify your primary Call To Action so the visitor is not confused as to what they should do.


Increase Your Website Conversion Rate Tip #3: User-Friendly Forms

One of the most overlooked items is long, bloated forms that are intimidating to your site visitors and never get filled out.

We’re talking about that ‘Schedule an Appointment’ form where you ask them for their name, phone, favourite colour and if they like Messi or Ronaldo better.

Do your site visitors a huge favour and cut down the form fields to only what is necessary for your conversion.

If you can get away with only collection their name and email, stick to that. It will drastically increase the number of people that submit the form.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the number of site visitors you receive from mobile devices has drastically increased in the past couple years.

Make sure your forms look and function well on mobile devices. Otherwise, you could be alienating half of your site visitors from converting because of a difficult to complete web form.


Increase Your Website Conversion Rate Tip #4: Content Fit for Royalty

Content is King.

Tired of that one yet? Sorry, but it holds true.

Nothing could be worse than grabbing the attention of your site visitor and having them dive into your bland content, only to lose their attention to what they need to pick up from Tesco on the way home. You’ve worked this hard, don’t lose them now.

A couple items you could include in your content:

  • What objections do your customers have?  Address them in detail.
  • What questions do your customers have?  Thoroughly answer them.
  • What kind words have others said about your product/service?  Post testimonials (text or video) of satisfied customers validating what you are talking about.

Giving content away for free builds trust and authority, showing that you know what you’re talking about. This builds top-of-mind-awareness amongst your visitors and, if they are requiring your services, they’ll come back to you if they don’t convert straight away.

This is also handy for your website’s SEO. Focus on improving your On-Page SEO to attract higher intent customers from search engines – these are more likely to convert as they are actively looking for your services.


Increase Your Website Conversion Rate Tip #5: Take Time to Choose/Create a Solid Image

Our eyes are drawn to images.  A well-chosen image will help engage the site visitor into continuing their view of your website page or landing page and increase their chance at converting.



Here are some tips for using images:

  • Use actual photos of your products / services. This does necessarily mean you have to hire a photographer and conduct a professional photo shoot every time you want to optimise your conversion rate.  Most smart phones come equipped with excellent digital cameras and photo editing tools.
  • Don’t steal photos from the internet.  Not only is this wrong, it is also very easy to track and can likely lead to fines. Only use photos that you’ve taken yourself, paid to have taken or you have paid for right to use through one of the many stock photo sites out there. There are some great sites out there, such as Pexels and Freepik.
  • Get creative by using an advanced photo editor (like Photoshop) to fuse multiple images together to create one that is perfect for your page.

Spending time on a good photo(s) will pay dividends in the long run.


Increase Your Website Conversion Rate Tip #6: Remove Unnecessary Distractions

Did we just finish telling you to add a bunch of stuff only to cap off this post by telling you to remove things?


You only want to have items present that are going to contribute to converting your website traffic.

If it does not help you convert, consider removing it all together. More is not necessarily better here. 

A landing page created as a destination for a Paid Search campaign might not have navigation or a phone number present… only a headline, image, copy and a form.

Why provide a link to your Portfolio and give the visitor you just paid Google for the opportunity to become distracted from filling out your form by going to check out your recent work?


Where to go from here


    1. Set a SMART Goal
      Determine what your desired conversion will be.  Don’t limit yourself to a single type of conversion such as a “Schedule Consultation” form. Creating different conversion opportunities will help attract different site visitors at different stages of the buyer’s journey;


    1. Begin using Landing Pages
      Create landing pages to drive conversions through your website. Landing pages can also be used in conjunction with paid search, television, radio, direct mail and social media campaigns.


    1. Optimise your website / landing pages as outlined in the steps above
      The time this takes will be well worth it.


    1. Measure your results and review them on a regular basis
      Try to identify what works well and what doesn’t. Make adjustments to get the optimal conversion rate.


The best thing about this advice? As well as it being free, you can do it yourself without the need to pay for an expert to help.

But, if you do need help, reach out to us today!

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