Web Hosting – Why Cheaper isn’t Always Better

August 26, 2021
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August 26, 2021 Reason8

Web Hosting – Why Cheaper isn’t Always Better

Company overview

REASON8 is a web agency based in Burbage, Leicestershire. Started by Tom and Rachel in 2021, REASON8 is now one of the highest-rated web agencies in the UK.


REASON8 focuses on providing exceptional web design, paired with world-class SEO and exciting branding for a range of clients across different industries. From construction companies to eCommerce brands, printing companies to property consultancies, we love to learn about different businesses and the services/products they offer to their customers.


Don’t feel this is long enough or exciting enough?


How has 2021 been a successful year for Reason8? In terms of networking, client relationship, brand building, optimising SEO, etc.

This year has been so much better than we could have imagined, and not just financially. We’ve met so many people with different stories, experiences and backgrounds that have led them to where they are today, and how this has resulted in them starting their own businesses and becoming successful themselves.


We love to be a part of any journey, whether it’s a brand new venture, a one-man-band, or a well-established company looking to improve their online presence. We’ve got fantastic, 1-to-1 relationships with our clients that we always strive to go the extra mile for.


We’ve loved building our brand since the day we started. REASON8 was actually an idea that was formed in 2018 but it was never taken forward. Since then, we managed to build our experience (both in life and digitally) and it’s led us to where we are now. We feel fortunate that the timing was perfect and, who knows, if we started earlier, it may not have been as successful!


SEO is a fine art and is something that is rarely mastered. We’ve learned so much over the last 9 months, both from courses and hands-on experience of working with clients, and we’ve been able to generate fantastic results for both our website and SEO clients alike.


We love bringing people’s ideas and businesses to life online, helping them to establish a presence in the busy world of digital. Whether a business needs a website to just show their clients examples of work, or if it’s a business that relies on a website for it’s sales, we love to get involved and learn about new projects and ideas, and how we can fit in to that and provide the best solution and service possible.


Do you think there are tricks that can be learned to build a better SEO strategy for next year? (is there such a thing as using the right keyword for search engines)

There certainly is! Google is focusing on providing better-quality results and content to its users. This, paired with their Page Experience algorithm, are definitely the two aspects of search engine optimisation to focus on in 2022.


Google’s algorithm is consistently learning about user trends, web traffic and the people who use it’s services. Content that is served to users has to be relevant and reliable – think about it, if you knew that the results that Google provides to you for a typical search were incorrect and not trustworthy, you’d stop using it!


So, Google will determine this by many factors such as visits, session durations and bounce rates. Therefore, having engaging, fulfilling content on your website is vital for driving more visits, making people stay longer on your website, and ultimately pushing people to other parts of your website to find out even more information. This is exactly why we recommend to every single business owner to write blogs for their site, and we provide 3, custom-written blogs for every website we build, to help build traffic even further. The best blogs answer commonly asked questions with expert advice, so try and write at least one 500-word, keyword-rich, professional blog every month to drive higher quality traffic to your site.


The Page Experience algorithm isn’t anything new, but it’s something that Google is focusing on for 2022. Page Experience is a set of signals that measure how the user perceives the quality of a website beyond it’s content. One of the most important signals in this algorithm is loading time. If your website is jam-packed full of huge images, videos and unnecessary graphics, it will slow down the time it takes to load, as the user’s connection and device has to download all of this information from the website’s server. This is one of the main things we focus on for a great website, as nobody likes waiting around!


What tools are out there to help people with little experience on their SEO?

There’s lots of free and paid tools available to help business owners, large or small, with their SEO. 


The first one we’d recommend is UberSuggest. The paid version is relatively cheap, however you can still use the free version to run audits on your website and check for SEO errors and recommendations. The paid version gives you more ideas for content and ways to improve your website, and even tracks your SEO and keyword positions as time goes on in order to make recommendations to you based on searches.


If your budget for SEO is slightly higher, we’d recommend SEMRush. This is arguably the best tool available and the most accurate, but it costs a pretty penny for the premium version. However, the free version gives you detailed insights into how your website is performing, how it can improve, and what your competitors are doing.


The third tool we’d recommend is MozBar. This is a free Chrome Extension for researching competitors in a search results page, keyword opportunities and their search volumes. You can get almost full SEO data with a simple search engine query, and the beauty of it is that you can constantly tweak your searches to get a wide range of results.


The penultimate tool is the Google Site Kit. If you already have a website and it’s on WordPress, you can set this up in as little as 5 clicks. The Site Kit consists of 4 tools, but the 3 we focus on are: Analytics, PageSpeed and Search Console. All of these tools help you to monitor the performance of your website and how it is performing on Google’s search engine. It also recommends changes for you to make to your website to improve it’s online presence, and you can even prevent certain pages from being found on search engines if you want them hidden.


The final one, and possibly the most important one for a majority of businesses is Google My Business. Having this setup can help hugely with your local SEO, if people are looking for your service or product close to their home. 


What are Reason8’s goals for next year? What should we expect from Reason8 in 2022?

Our main goal is to continue our business and grow at a steady rate. We understand that, as a service-based business, there’s only so much time we can dedicate to a project, and taking on too many projects means we become spread too thin and can’t focus on the product and service we are providing to our clients.


We are in this for the long-haul, so building a steady, stable business with great relationships with clients and suppliers is what we want to establish. We also rely heavily on our portfolio to win new clients, so we want to build this further with a wide range of projects to show what we can do.


If things go better than expected, then we aim to move to an office and hire in-house staff. As there’s just two of us at the moment, we do everything in the business day-to-day, and it would be great to have the business grow to a point where we can provide people with a fantastic opportunity to work with us and our clients.


Which area of your business would you like to give advice on? (just one area of advice so it is clear and concise for readers)


We have ran businesses in the past that haven’t gone nearly as well as this, and there’s many reasons. We advise that, when starting a business, do everything right the first time and invest – don’t cut corners.


We feel this is a vital piece of advice because, in the past, we have cut corners and it’s bitten us on the backside later down the line. We live by the ‘pay once or pay twice’ motto, so investing that little bit extra, both in terms of time and money, will quite literally pay dividends later down the line, whether that’s a couple of months, a year or a decade.


For example, hiring a good accountant and investing in software to help you with your accounting is probably the most important part of starting up. In the past, we just used to keep paper receipts and log everything in a spreadsheet. Don’t get us wrong, this was fine, but day-to-day you need to have knowledge of how your business is performing, and the forecasted performance. Without this data, we wouldn’t really know how well we were doing.


On the timing, don’t rush starting up your business. Research and explore the different methods of doing things, different softwares to help you, and different suppliers that can assist you day-to-day. If you rush in to it, it’s very likely you will miss out on something, and that could be the difference in landing a client or making a sale; you only get one chance to make a good first impression, so make sure your website, branding and solid business foundations helps you to achieve this.


What advice on planning for the new year can you give to our readers in terms of this area?


Of course, as a company that’s business is 90% web design, we recommend to all business owners to review their website and its performance for 2021 – how much traffic did it receive? Where did this traffic come from? If your social media traffic is low, that’s a sign that it needs to improve. 


Review your website design and compare it against your competitors – is yours better, or worse? Get a second opinion from friends or family (and make sure they are honest about their feedback!).


There’s many reasons as to why a website wouldn’t perform for your business. If you need help to understand this, then feel free to reach out to us for a no obligation, informal chat.


Where should a business leader start when making plans in this area of their business?


We have put together a guide on how to start a successful new website project for your business, and you can find it here: reason8agency.co.uk/5-steps-to-a-winning-website-project – just fill in some basic details and you’ll get a copy straight to your inbox!


We would recommend starting by reviewing your website’s design and statistics for this year, and compare this against your competitor’s online presence. If you find a competitor with a great online presence, then you have somewhere to start and something to mimic and compete against. If your competitor’s online presences are poor, then you have a huge opportunity to blow them out of the water with a user-friendly, professionally-designed website that captures user attention and results in a sale or an enquiry.


Then, start reaching out to experts in web design. Try a free platform such as Bark to get ideas from the pros (and even some quotes) to get an idea of where you could take this project and how much you will need to invest. Every single web designer has their own style and way of working, so you need to find the right person or company for you. Price should be a reflection of the quality of their service and product, so have a look at their reviews and portfolio and see if this aligns with your vision!


What are the key trends in this area that your potential customers should know about?


One of the biggest trends that is growing in web design is minimalism. Nobody likes a website that’s cluttered and too busy with text and images – most of us just scroll past it. A user makes a perception of a website and business in less than half a second from what they see once the page has loaded, so short, concise and easy-to-understand copy and imagery is what captures their attention and makes them want to find out more about your business, product or service.


Now, there’s a caveat to this. Having information on your website, especially on the homepage, can help drastically with SEO and could help you be found even more on search engines. This is where your personal tastes and the web designers skills will come together to find the perfect balance of captivating copy and simple design to take the user on an exciting journey in to learning more about you.


Your business’s website is the modern-day business card, so it has to stand out and make the user excited to be there. There’s some websites that a lot of these principles may not apply to, but on the whole, we all want to visit an exciting website, and that’s what we provide. We bring your vision to life and can create any solution to fit your requirements, whether you are a mechanic, an eCommerce brand or a solicitor.


As Google’s algorithms gear more towards page speed and quality of content, we will certainly see businesses putting this in to practice in 2022. There’s many ways to improve a website’s speed (we optimise every site we build for this as standard), and improving the quality of your content will mean users are retained on your site for longer, therefore improving your SEO statistics and seeing you climb the rankings.

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