why do i need hosting?

Well, it’s pretty straightforward.

Once your website is built, with us or with anybody, you need somewhere or someone to host it for you.

Hosting is very much like a party host. That person opens their doors and allows people in – that’s exactly what our super-fast hosting does.

We provide you and your website with the latest in web technology from Google.

You can find out more about Google Cloud hosting by clicking here, and we recommend that you read this case study to learn more.

Hinckley Web Design

better for the environment

Well, we won’t try and sell this to you (not here, anyway), however, we do provide hosting from the #1 Internet company in the World.

Our super-fast hosting is also environmentally friendly and uses sustainable energy through wind and solar power. We’re very proud of that.

Our hosting provides the latest in web technology to ensure your website stays live 99.9% of the time.

Our hosting also provides your users with slashed TTFB times. In simple terms, this means it won’t take as long to load your website.

Did you know that, statistically, 50% of people click off a website if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds? That’s a lot of customers, but our hosting will fix this.

the process

It’s very simple. You contact us with your hosting requirements, and how long you would like it for*.

We offer:

  • Pay monthly;
  • Pay 6 months in advance, with 10% off;
  • Pay 12 months in advance, with 20% off;
  • Pay 24 months in advance, with 30% off;
  • Pay 48 months in advance, with 50% off.

We then require some details from you, and once provided, we hook you up. It’s a very simple process, and is one that could save or make you thousands.

The websites we build are all hosted through this service, so take a look at our work and see for yourself the speed – just don’t blink!

*If you do require ongoing support and technical assistance, this may be charged additionally.



Our most asked and answered questions.

It depends how you measure ‘better’! We host lots of websites for businesses who have had websites built with us, and ones that haven’t.

Not only do we provide the hosting, but we’ll connect it all up for you. Rather than having to contact a huge company for support, we’re easily contactable and can sort any issues promptly.

Just to be clear, we do not host the website directly – we re-sell packages via our provider, so you get it cheaper than going direct.

Cheap hosting is almost as good as no hosting at all.

Because we build so many websites at once, speed and capacity are important for us, so we pay for exclusive access to the best technology – we can then provide this directly to you for a reduced price.

Think of hosting as the host of a party. A cheap party would have rubbish drinks, rubbish food and rubbish music – no-one would enjoy it!

More expensive hosting provides you with access to better technology that improves your website’s speed, SEO and it’s functionality. Better food, better drinks and better music = a better party!

fancy working with us?

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