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We were tasked with creating a comparison website for Suppwow, where the owner can add a supplement and the best prices found across the World Wide Web at the click of a button.

Supplement Comparison Website

Building the concept.

Suppwow wanted a digital marketing strategy that took their website to the next level, before they even started.

They required SEO for organic traffic, but also wanted a website that allowed the team to add supplements, deals and offers within minutes. We created a website, from scratch, that allows the owners to add a supplement, with all the necessary information, and a facility to find the best prices, within 5 minutes.

For the SEO, we focused on adding keywords and analysing competitors to ensure we were targeting the best keywords, both long and short-tail. We also built the website’s backlink profile and used features such as Image ALT tags to embed further keywords. Finally, for SEO, we put together reviews and content (blogs) around hot topics in the respective industry that drove traffic from the Suppwow social media channels.


The new site boasts a 5% bounce rate and an average session duration of over 3 minutes. User signups sky-rocketed from just 1 at the beginning, to over 1,350 registered users.

Alongside this, we then created engaging social media content that motivates, inspires and educates Suppwow users and followers alike.

Finally, we created a Google Adwords campaign to attract customers looking for advice on supplements and comparing their features. The campaign drove over 2,000 unique visitors to the website a month, which increased the number of sign-ups and people taking action on the website.

% Increase in Bookings
% Increase in Traffic
% Increase in Revenue

Bespoke Search Feature

Customers are able to search for the best supplements by selecting a category and a chosen brand, to also find the best deals on the product they require.

Automated Commissions

Through the development of the Content Egg plugin, we were able to connect third-party affiliate sites such as Amazon, eBay and AWIN to ensure Suppwow receive the commissions they are entitled to from their users.

Reason8 helped me bring my business idea to life. I wanted my own website, but I really didn’t know where to start.

I went to multiple agencies in the Midlands for quotes, and they wanted to charge me over 5 figures for my idea. Reason8 worked with me for 4 months to bring my website to life.

Not only did they help me brainstorm for my business idea, they helped me develop a brand, website and identity to be proud of. Their expertise also helped me set up my social media and email marketing, to ensure that I can consistently communicate with all of my customers and users.

Today, I have over 1,000 users on my website, and generate an additional income alongside my job. Everything is automated for me – all I need to do is add supplements and write blogs/reviews. I now continue to work with Reason8 for my social media, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.
Tom Clemence Owner of Suppwow

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