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June 2021
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Print Eco are a sustainable, environmentally-friendly printing company based in Leicestershire.

With many years of experience in the printing industry, Print Eco bring a new angle to printing for business and individuals alike.

Supplying Universities, Charities and Event Organisers, as well as the general public, Print Eco offer sustainable printing options for garments and merchandise, with a personalised touch and even donating a chunk of profits to numerous charities.

Please note: the design, functionality and usability may have been changed since the project was completed by REASON8.

Clothing and Accessories Printing

Building the concept.

Print Eco initially reached out to Reason8 for SEO on their existing website. Unfortunately, their website was not optimised across various devices and was not fit for purpose in representing a high quality, sustainable business.

The previous web designer had not utilised a wide range of techniques to ensure the website was modern, fresh and easy to navigate. The old website was clunky, hard to navigate and had a poor user experience, ultimately resulting in users not being retained and loss in revenue.

It was important for us to outline to Print Eco that their website was not up to the job, and spending money on SEO would mean more wasted money and an almost impossible task for us to get results.

After convincing Print Eco that this was the best route to go down, we got to work on their new site. We had to address these issues, and firstly we did this through a cleaner, clearer design that’s easy to understand and access.

As ongoing SEO was also high on the agenda, we knew that site speed and page layout was important, in line with Google’s new algorithms that are due to launch early 2022.

Alongside the new design and layout, we did some custom work to remove the eCommerce element from the site, but allowing products to still be added. It was important that Print Eco had more information to equip them when helping a customer and learning more about their requirements, so we changed the CTAs to ‘Get a Quote’, which drove users to a form to complete and send to the team.


Operating within a relatively small area and market, Supply Services main aim was to get traffic to the website and keep users engaged.

Users grew by 800% and the total sessions grew by 366%, with 14% of users returning to the website either to view further content or enquire about a service. This is around 9% higher than the previous website that Supply Services had.

The following statistics have been taken from Google Analytics for July 1st 2021 – November 30th 2021.

% Increase in Users
% Increase in Sessions
% Returning User Rate

Bespoke Product Builder

Customers can upload their own designs and completely customise every product in the catalogue to their requirements.

We Print Eco

Eye-catching Video

We used videos on the website to bring it to life and add some character to it. These videos can be found across the website, and describe visually the services and attention to detail that the company has.

Fantastic website! My website was dull and lifeless in desperate need of a redesign.

I contacted Tom and gave him my ideas and he fulfilled my brief and added some extra ideas which look great.

If I had any issues he would fix them and not charge me a large fee as with other companies.

I would definitely work with REASON8 again.
Rachel Pappalardo Director at Print Eco

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