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Nine Acres

June 2022
Website Design
Search Engine Optimisation

Tanya of Nine Acres, with over 8 years in Asset Management, started her own business and reached out to REASON8 to create a website for her venture.

Please note: the design, functionality and usability may have been changed since the project was completed by REASON8.

Asset Management Consultancy, Kent

Building the concept.

Nine Acres is an Asset Management Consultancy based in Kent. 

Their brief was simple: to create an information-rich, engaging and fully branded website that gave clients an insight in to their services and how this can impact their business.

They were serious about their website’s performance from the start. As with all websites we create, speed, performance and content was top of the agenda.

Nine Acres already had branding, so we had to create a website to complement this and ensure that the styles were all aligned and easy to consume.

They also wanted links to their social media pages, as well as blog content and policies that showed their website and business is to be trusted by prospective clients.


Nine Acres were over the moon with their new, professional, branded website.

Everything is consistent, clear, styled correctly and easy to use. This will lead to a higher conversion rate, whether this be direct phone calls or form submissions.

They now have a website that gives all of the information a potential client could need, along with blog content, fantastic performance and full search engine optimisation to eventually be found online once this grows further.

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Simple Navigation

Previously, Mercury Dry Cleaners had to take phone calls from customers and manually take down their details. Now, they have a system above the fold on their website which does this for them. Customers can make accounts and save their bookings for easier re-booking in the future.


Customers can now view a full price list on the website before making a booking or enquiring. Rather than one long page of prices, we categorised the services and put them in to beautiful tabs, making the site that little more interactive and user-friendly.

I highly recommend using Tom and Reason8 for your website development.

From not knowing where to start, Tom has held my hand through the whole process. From recommending what package best suited my business needs, to putting forward ideas and ways of presenting information that I wouldn't have ever come up with on my own, Tom has been patient and accommodating of all my requests.

I have never felt uncomfortable disagreeing with any suggestions as Tom is prepared to keep going until he finds the best fit.

Made a quite daunting and overwhelming task quite enjoyable and stress free. Thanks again Tom. I absolutely love my new website!
Tanya Green Managing Director at Nine Acres Asset Management Consultancy

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