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Mercury Dry Cleaners

May 2022
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Mercury Dry Cleaners contacted REASON8 to build a website for their dry cleaning business. Their main aim was to have a nice-looking website, as well as making it easy for customers to book online.

Please note: the design, functionality and usability may have been changed since the project was completed by REASON8.

Dry Cleaning, London

Building the concept.

Mercury Dry Cleaners is a well-established Dry Cleaners located in West London, servicing areas such as Notting Hill, Edgware and Watford.

They had an old, outdated website which was hard to use and there was no way to book a service online, so their main aim was to make this easier for customers, and to alleviate customers ringing to make bookings.

Mercury Dry Cleaners had existing branding and wanted to make use of this on the website, ensuring that everything matched, tied in together and was aesthetically-pleasing.

As mentioned, rather than having to give prices and take bookings over the phone, Mercury Dry Cleaners wanted their website to do the heavy lifting for them, with a comprehensive price list and a simple way to book online.

Finally, they wanted to include links to their social media pages, to build their following.


Mercury Dry Cleaners now have a fantastic, professional-looking website that represents the quality of their service and business.

Customers can view a full price list online, and also make a booking that links to the Mercury Dry Cleaning system directly.

This now allows the business owners to focus on their day-to-day operations, whilst they have a beautiful, professional, information-rich website to do the heavy lifting for them.

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Simple Booking Process

Previously, Mercury Dry Cleaners had to take phone calls from customers and manually take down their details. Now, they have a system above the fold on their website which does this for them. Customers can make accounts and save their bookings for easier re-booking in the future.

Full Price List

Customers can now view a full price list on the website before making a booking or enquiring. Rather than one long page of prices, we categorised the services and put them in to beautiful tabs, making the site that little more interactive and user-friendly.

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Mercury Dry Cleaners Mercury Dry Cleaners

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