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January 2022
Custom Website Design
SEO Optimisation
Gas & Heating

Main Pipeline reached out to REASON8 to create a website for their Gas & Heating business. The website had to have an engaging design, as well as information on their services and emergency out-of-hours provision.

Please note: the design, functionality and usability may have been changed since the project was completed by REASON8.

Gas & Heating Engineers, London

Building the concept.

TILA Projects reached out to REASON8 to create a simple website for their construction consultancy. Being found on search engines wasn’t a primary aim – the site was mainly for showing to existing clients and potential ones about their services.

Providing a minimalistic design as well as a simple back-end was important to TILA Projects, as they wanted their website to say everything about them.

They also wanted links to social media, as well as easy navigation, so people could find information on the services provided or the sectors worked in. A clear, concise and minimal website was the vision.

With links to social media and clear contact information, it won’t take users long to find the information they are looking for.


TILA Projects got the website they envisioned and more. This website is mainly to show existing clients hot leads about their services and what they can offer.

% Coming Soon
% Coming Soon
% Coming Soon

Vibrant Colours

With an already-classy logo, we had to create a simple, clean, minimalistic site to both match the branding and the vision for the site.

Simple Navigation

This website is pretty small, so being able to find key information, both in the form of navigation bars and other CTAs, as well as links across the site, was vital for the user to be able to find information and contact details quickly.

Coming Soon!
Micah Hamilton Director at Main Pipeline

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