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October 2021
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Nicola at Mack HR reached out to REASON8 to create a brand new website for her HR consultancy business.

Working with a range of clients, Nicola wanted a website that reflected her approachable, bubbly personality, yet conveyed her professional services and built trust among potential clients.

Please note: the design, functionality and usability may have been changed since the project was completed by REASON8.

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Human Resource Consultancy

Building the concept.

The brief from Mack HR was simple: to create an informative, easy-to-navigate website that matches their branding.

The main goal of the website was to provide information on Mack HR’s services and to show that they are the experts in their field. Following this, they wanted potential clients to be able to enquire about their services with ease.

As their logo consisted of a lot of colours, we decided to keep it simple and choose two, bright and approachable colours to form the basis of the website and it’s identity.

Because the website is relatively small in terms of content, site speed was important. Having a slow website in relation to it’s size would be a disaster. As of 10th November, 2021 and according to Pingdom, the website has a high performance grade and loads well within 1.5 seconds, meaning we are retaining users and therefore improving the likelihood of lead generation and enquiries for Mack HR.

We all love a simple way to get in touch with someone. So, we added a live chat feature that Nicola can use to communicate with potential clients in real-time from her phone or laptop.

Finally, we optimised the website fully for SEO, to improve Nicola’s chances of being found in an organic search.


With a relatively small website, the information needed to be straight to the point, and the website had to be fast.

Without any level of promotion from Mack HR themselves, the website achieved some great results.

secs Average Session Duration
% Returning Visitor Rate
% of Traffic from Search Engines

Beautiful Design & Information

An informative website is often boring, but not this one. Through the use of video and branding house styles, we've been able to break up content and deliver it to a way that keeps a visitor (a potential client) engaged from the beginning.



The website is packed full of easy-to-understand information that displays Mack HR as the expert and the go-to company for any Human Resource requirements.

Reason8 are fabulous! I was looking for a website to be designed for my company that was professional, fresh and easy to navigate. Tom and Rachel met my expectations and more. We had an introductory call where I explained my requirements and within 5 days I had a preliminary view of my website. Tom and Rachel were very receptive to my changes and we worked closely together to get my website to where I wanted it to be. They are very hardworking and responded to my questions and changes very quickly.

I now have a fabulous website that meets my needs and will hopefully appeal to future clients. I would highly recommend Reason 8 if you are looking for a great website design that suits the needs of your business.
Nicola Mackenzie Director at Mack HR

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