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July 2022
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M Pools & Landscapes contacted REASON8 to create a new website for their swimming pool installation and maintenance company.

Please note: the design, functionality and usability may have been changed since the project was completed by REASON8.

Swimming Pool Installation, Reading

Building the concept.

M Pools reached out to REASON8 to build a brand new website for their swimming pool installation company.

They had a self-built website that was hosted on VistaPrint and was not fit for purpose.

Our biggest challenge, as part of the brief, was to complete the website to a high standard in a relatively short timeframe of less than 4 weeks. Another part of the brief was to ensure that the website was classy, but also with some personality. The clients that M Pools serve are typically those of middle to upper class, so having a website that shouts premium, yet approachable, was really important when taking this website in to the design stage. The use of classy, easy to read fonts, along with the use of a variety of blues and the waves found on hero sections means the site has personality and is true to it’s brand.

The reason for this? It’s peak season for swimming pool installation and maintenance enquiries! So, M Pools not having a website meant that they were no longer getting inbound enquiries.

The M Pools team opted for our highest website design package, which allowed us to spend time on the design of the website, to make it perfect, as well as focusing on the usability and experience that a visitor has on the website.

We put together over 2,000 words of bespoke, SEO-optimised, attractive copy for the website to really make their services sell and give that premium feel.

We also identified a huge opportunity to make this website search-engine friendly. With over 20 pages on the website, all individually-designed, we focused on the SEO to really make each page concentrated on a specific service.

The use of video across the site, as well as different hero section designs for desktop and mobile, means the site now has a personality and is responsive to all devices. The website is built to convert customers and make sure that finding services or contacting the team is easier than ever before.


M Pools now have a fully-functioning, beautifully-designed website that is optimised for user experience, conversions, SEO and all devices.

The user is given clear call-to-actions to navigate through the site and find out more about M Pools’s services and to leave an enquiry.

The site also contains individual location pages based on Southern counties (such as Hampshire and Berkshire), meaning anyone searching for swimming pool services in these areas are more likely to find a dedicated page for that location on the M Pools website. This is huge for the website’s SEO and hopefully we will see some ranking results pretty quickly from this!

Finally, the copywriting services we provided really made the website pop and stand out. The website provides the user information in the form of killer copy that’s also optimised for SEO based on our competitor research.

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Clear call-to-actions

No more having to scroll up to locate to a new page - the site has clear call-to-actions across the board, meaning users can digest easy-to-read information and then book a visit or contact the M Pools experts with ease.

Classy and Approachable

The website contains classy, easy-to-read fonts and a clear branding house style that's consistent throughout the website. This website will appeal to M Pools's ideal client, which will hopefully turn in to conversions and enquiries!

Tom from REASON8 has recently completed reconstructing our website.

The process from start to finish was flawless. Constantly in contact around all the specifications we required, and they have turned our out of date website into a professional, bespoke webpage.

Would highly recommend. Thank you REASON8!
Nicki Cowen Sales Manager at M Pools & Landscapes Ltd.

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