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November 2021
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The Highland Cask Group team reached out to REASON8 following a recommendation by an existing client.

They required a simple to use, professional and aesthetically-pleasing website for their potential whisky investment clients to find out more about the investment process, their inventory and the ability to track their portfolio online.

Please note: the design, functionality and usability may have been changed since the project was completed by REASON8.

Whisky Investment Company

Building the concept.

Highland Cask Group reached out to REASON8 after a referral from an existing client, to create a brand new website for their Whisky Investment Company.

Fairly open on it’s design, they also required a logo and branding for the company, for which the design of the site also had to match.

The most important aspect of the website was to show information on whisky investment, it’s advantages and showing Highland Cask Group as the experts in the field.

As well as a professional, classy design, potential investors are spoilt for choice with up-to-date, expert whisky investment information that allows them to make a better choice when investing in whisky. This increases the likelihood of a lead contacting Highland Cask Group and potentially investing thousands of pounds with them.

The website is optimised for speed, with improved caching policies and WEBP delivery with compression, to ensure users who re-visit the website get it faster than the first time they visited.

Finally, we provided Highland Cask Group with branded email addresses for their company, meaning everything for their online presence is under one roof with REASON8.


The results for Highland Cask Group were fantastic in the first couple of months. Pairing full SEO optimisation with a beautiful, classy design means potential clients for whisky investment were engaged and retained for longer.

% Returning Visitor Rate
% Average Bounce Rate
% Month-on-month Increase in Revenue

Classy Look

Matching Highland Cask Group's branding of sharp dark greens, whites and light greys, we've been able to create an aesthetically-pleasing website, whilst providing plenty of information on whisky investment.

Highland Cask Group

Bespoke Client Area

Highland Cask Group can provide customers with an account to track their portfolio and view any important documents in relation to their whisky investment portfolio, all in one place.

As a new business with no experience at building sites or with any marketing knowledge Tom was fantastic.

Easy to understand designed an amazing site and also tidied up all our marketing documents and lead generation.

Will continue to use the Reason8 services - they are now a huge part of our growth as a business.
Garnet Harrison Director at Highland Cask Group

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