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Defib Plus

Defib Plus
November 2021
Custom Website Design
SEO Optimisation
Logo Design

Defib Plus was a client, based in London, that provides sales and support for Defibrillators across the UK.

Their mission is to make every public (and even private) establishment safe in the event of a person having a cardiac arrest.

Please note: the design, functionality and usability may have been changed since the project was completed by REASON8.

Defibrillator Sales & Support

Building the concept.

Defib Plus reached out to REASON8 to create a website for their business. They required an informative, modern, approachable site that allowed potential customers and suppliers to take a look at the AEDs and support that the company offers to places such as restaurants, supermarkets and other places accessible by the public.

Their main goal was to convey to visitors why they are the experts and the go-to people in this field. By showing the defibrillators they offer, outlining their key features and providing expert insights in to the products and their support services, they do just that.

But, the key here was to design a site that was easy to navigate, with a clear layout and direct call-to-actions.

Once visitors have found the information required and understand that Defib Plus are the best people to speak to for their requirements, it’s then about making sure the team are easy to contact.

With contact details in the footer, a direct link to email and contact forms on a majority of the site, there’s many ways for people to get in touch with the team.

To improve the design and add an element of interactivity, we included videos across hero sections and hotspots on the images of the sales page that, when interacted with, open up an instructional video showing more about the defibrillator in question.

The website is protected against spam through the addition of Google reCAPTCHA, lowering the risk of bots from submitting fake forms on their website.

Finally, by working with the team, Defib Plus also have an eye-catching, modern logo for their business for use across all forms of digital and print.


Defib Plus attracted high quality visitors and traffic to their website within the first few months of their website going live.

An informative, approachable design encourages visitors to learn more about defibrillators and leads them to make an enquiry.

% Returning Visitor Rate
% Average Bounce Rate
% Month-on-month Increase in Revenue

Classy Look

Matching Highland Cask Group's branding of sharp dark greens, whites and light greys, we've been able to create an aesthetically-pleasing website, whilst providing plenty of information on whisky investment.

defib plus

Bespoke Client Area

Highland Cask Group can provide customers with an account to track their portfolio and view any important documents in relation to their whisky investment portfolio, all in one place.

It’s been a pleasure working with Tom on building our website for a business expansion.

Always there to help and answer all questions. Also great at dealing with the many changes we had.

It’s been a pleasure working with Tom on building a website to encompass all of our services.

Really friendly and professional service!
Ross Severn Managing Director at Defib Plus Ltd.

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