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April 2022
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Audio Time reached out to REASON8 to re-design their wholesale website, where registered customers can place orders on wholesale items.

Please note: the design, functionality and usability may have been changed since the project was completed by REASON8.

Wholesale eCommerce, London

Building the concept.

Audio Time’s previous website was old, clunky and not fun to use. Their average session duration was under 15 seconds and their bounce rate was over 80%, so something had to change.

Thankfully, Audio Time recognised this and commissioned REASON8 to re-design their website to make it easier to use, better to look at, and improved functionality to allow their customers to place orders with ease.

Along with branding in the form of a logo and house style, we embedded a consistent house style across the website in the form of a dark green and black/dark grey.

They also wanted to make it easier for customers to navigate across the site and filter their products. We added a ‘Shop by Category’ and ‘Shop by Brand’ page and navigation section, to allow customers to get to where they’d like to be much faster. They can then filter even further based on category or brand, to find their desired products. Without even visiting the product page, the customer can choose their quantity and add it to their order.

The website now has a streamlined journey from finding a product to placing an order, and the Audio Time team now have a more professional website to show their customers, representing their business that little bit better!


Audio Time now have a website that exceeded their expectations and allows them to manage their orders and enquiries much easier.

They also now have an online presence which is more appealing to both new and existing customers, representing their business professionally and allowing customers to place orders easier.

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Developed With Care

The website has undertaken custom website development, such as hiding prices from unregistered users, as this is important to Audio Time to ensure their prices are only visible to their customers.

Simple Navigation

With thousands of products and brands, it's vital that customers are able to find a product by brand or category, and be able to filter even further to find their desired product.

Worked with Tom on a complete tailored revamp of our outdated website!

Tom took my ideas on and made something better than I ever imagined.

Was a pleasure working with recommended and quick communication and will surely work on more projects with Tom!

Highly recommended.
Umar Sultan Sales Manager at Audio Time

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