Paid Advertising

Reach new, potential customers through the power of paid advertising. 

paid advertising

So, you want to further build your brand awareness and reach new customers, right? Paid Advertising is the one for you and your business. 

Paid Advertising, whether this is on Google or Social Media, we can make that a reality.

We have experience in Google Adwords campaigns, as well as Social Media advertising, that deliver fantastic results for our clients, whether you want to build your traffic or generate more sales.

We will conduct keyword research in order to help us identify the best keywords for you to appear for on Google.

For social media, we will help you to identify your target audience, their interests and their demographics. After all, you don’t want to market your new range of female care products to old men, do you? (Correct us if we’re wrong!)

Paid Advertising
Paid Advertising

get more leads, sell more products

Whether you’re a handyman that needs more business, or a brand that wants to sell more products, you need to appeal to a wider audience.

If people are searching for your service and product, you want to be seen by these people on a consistent basis.

More leads results in more revenue for you and your business. More product or service sales also means more revenue.

If you have an optimised website, all you need to do is convert that visitor – the hard work of getting them to find out more about your offering has been done!

the process

We will discuss your brand, business and give you ideas of how your brand should market it’s offering on Google or Social Media advertising platforms.

We will then go away, do some research on similar pages and adverts, and put together a proposal, including a rough idea of your advertisements for your chosen platforms. We’ll also provide you with a recommended budget to get the best out of your campaigns.*

If you are happy to go ahead, then fantastic. Want to make a change? Not a problem, this is all about you.

We then spend our time putting together and planning your advertising campaigns. If we find something along the way simply does not work, we will remove it or change it.

We will also provide you with monthly reports and analytics to show how your adverts are performing for you.

Still not satisfied? Just let us know and we will change what you feel is necessary, no biggie. 

We’ll also provide you with ongoing support and training* on how to improve your use of advertising, including exclusive landing pages for specific visitors and customers.

* Each campaign will be charged by your chosen advertisement amount per month, plus our management fee.

**If you do require ongoing support, training or technical assistance, this may be charged additionally.

Paid Advertising

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