Worn Shirt.

In an era of fast fashion waste and conscious consumerism, Will envisioned a platform revolutionising the pre-loved designer clothing market in the UK.



Excellent! Very professional and good job.
William Deverew<span class="name">.</span>

William Deverew.

Director at Worn Shirt

Building the concept.

Imagine the thrill of scoring a coveted designer piece secondhand, without breaking the bank or harming the environment. That’s the vision behind Worn Shirt, a bespoke online marketplace we built for Will, a UK-based entrepreneur passionate about sustainability and recycling.

Think Vinted or Depop, but with a focus only on designer items.

The website had to boast a user-friendly interface, robust search functionalities, and secure payment integration that allowed users to withdraw their payments at any time.


Worn Shirt didn’t just go live, it transcended expectations.

Our vision for a curated pre-loved designer marketplace in the UK materialised seamlessly, attracting a passionate user base.

Users embraced the intuitive interface, effortlessly listing and hunting for coveted designer pieces with targeted filters and refined search.

Beyond transactions, Worn Shirt fostered a vibrant community. User profiles facilitated trust and connection, adding a personal touch to the online experience.

And most importantly, Worn Shirt championed sustainability. By promoting second-hand fashion, the platform empowered users to make eco-conscious choices, minimising textile waste and contributing to a circular fashion economy.
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