Vintage Sofas & Furnishings.

Paul Edwards of Paul Edwards Interiors reached out to Reason8, as a local business, to create a brand new website for their range of Vintage Sofas and Furnishings.

Please note that the information in this project was correct at the time of adding to our website. The design of the website may have changed since.

Building the concept.

Paul Edwards Interiors wanted to expand their offering by creating a brand new sister company: Vintage Sofas & Furnishings.

With a well-established presence in Hinckley, Coventry and Warwick, they already have a plethora of customers that can be targeted with a new offering. But, they needed a well-built, aesthetically-pleasing, simple-to-use website for their customers to visit, view products and contact them for bespoke options.

Through months of planning and brainstorming with Reason8, we started by manually inputting product data, such as titles, descriptions and dimensions. Although an arduous task, it means they have more control over how the products appear on their website.

We then added over 1000 product images to the products, and designed separate product pages depending on whether the product is bespoke or not.

Customers can also easily view policies such as returns and terms and conditions straight on the product page via a popup, ensuring that customers stay on the product page, increasing the likelihood of a customer converting on the website.

Customers can purchase a product directly through the product page itself, and then have a range of options of payment from card to Google + Apple Pay, as well as deposit options if they don’t want to pay for the product in full. This then allows the team to contact the customer directly to discuss bespoke options, such as materials and colours.


Vintage Sofas and Furnishings now have a fully bespoke website that includes over 500 products, with customisable options available to customers. Customers can find their ideal product by filtering by material, colour and size. They can also leave a deposit for the product through the website, enabling the team to then contact the customer to discuss their bespoke options.
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Reason8 has recently completed a fantastic website for us!

Tom was more than helpful advising and assisting us throughout the whole process. The design looks great, better than we ever hoped for and met our brief perfectly.

He helped us simplify the whole process. Creating a website with over 500 bespoke products was never a simple task but Tom made it look easy!

We hope to work together more in future. Overall, we would recommend using Reason8!
Paul Edwards<span class="name">.</span>

Paul Edwards.

Director at Vintage Sofas & Furnishings

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