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Roland and Laura, the owners of an already-successful manufacturing company, wanted to use their knowledge and expertise to create a brand centred around wellness and health through mushroom-based supplements.
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Tom is very attentive and always there with quick turn around on changes.

The end result for my website is very nice – not only the bit we all see, but the back bone too, to get it seen.

Would recommend for a personal, fresh, quirky website.
Roland Meli<span class="name">.</span>

Roland Meli.

Director at Shroomtropics

Building the concept.

Taking inspiration from brands such as Spacegoods and Dirtea, Shroomtropics had to be unique and funky – it had to be different.

But, there’s a fine line – going too whacky would take away the core message of the brand and how the products actually benefit everyday life. So, we had to strike a clear balance and not go too far either way.

Besides the design, the website had to have the typical eCommerce features – such as an account area, an easy-to-use add-to-basket, review and checkout flow. Plus, we wanted to ensure that users could get to the items, or benefit they desired, in less clicks.


The outcome of the Shroomtropics eCommerce website project was nothing short of remarkable. Leveraging Roland and Laura’s expertise in manufacturing, combined with a keen understanding of wellness trends, we were able to craft a platform that embodied the essence of the brand while delivering a seamless shopping experience.

Visually, the website captured the essence of Shroomtropics perfectly. Drawing inspiration from contemporary brands like Spacegoods and Dirtea, we infused elements of uniqueness and funkiness while ensuring that the core message of wellness and health remained prominent. The design struck a delicate balance, avoiding the trap of being overly whimsical, which could have diluted the brand’s credibility. Instead, it exuded a sense of vibrancy and modernity, resonating with the target audience.

Functionally, the website excelled in providing users with a hassle-free shopping journey. Key eCommerce features such as the account area, intuitive add-to-basket functionality, and a streamlined checkout flow were seamlessly integrated. Additionally, we prioritised user-centric design, ensuring that visitors could find their desired products or information with minimal clicks. This approach not only enhanced user satisfaction but also contributed to increased conversion rates and customer retention.

In terms of performance, the Shroomtropics website exceeded expectations. The platform witnessed a significant uptick in traffic shortly after launch, indicating strong interest and engagement from the target market. Moreover, analytics revealed favourable metrics such as low bounce rates, high session durations, and a steady increase in sales conversions over time.

Overall, the Shroomtropics eCommerce website emerged as a resounding success, serving as a testament to the collaborative effort between the visionary founders and the dedicated team behind its development. With its visually captivating design, seamless functionality, and impressive performance metrics, the platform not only showcased the brand’s commitment to wellness but also positioned Shroomtropics as a formidable player in the competitive landscape of mushroom-based supplements.
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