ROXLIFE reached out to Reason8 to create a brand new website for their fitness studio in Hove. The main aim of the project was to improve the design and usability of their website, as well as integrating their new third-party scheduling & booking system.

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Building the concept.

ROXLIFE reached out to Reason8 to create a brand new website for their popular fitness studio in Hove.

After conducting a free website audit for their previous website, ROXLIFE chose Reason8 to deliver their new website and vision. ROXLIFE pointed out four main things that had to be focused upon and improved in their new website:

Usability and conversions – the previous website was hard to navigate and use, and generated very little conversions. We wanted to improve this via a simple layout and design, as well as clear call-to-actions throughout the website;

A better website design – by their own admission, they didn’t want their website to look ‘homemade’. They wanted a professional to create a beautiful website for them that did the heavy lifting for them (pardon the pun);

Third-party integration– as part of their digital rebrand, ROXLIFE also required the integration of MailChimp (Mandrill) and Mariana Tek Scheduling & Booking System, so people can book and pay online with ease; SEO – although their previous website was with SquareSpace, they had invested time in to their SEO and did not want to lose their hard work and effort with a new website.

Et voila – ROXLIFE now have a beautiful, functional website where people can find out more information on classes and even the trainers, who all have their own profiles on the website.

Even though the theme for the website was minimal, with regards to blacks and whites, we wanted to convey that ROXLIFE was a colourful, vibrant place to train and improve health and fitness. The website contains fantastic photos and videos that truly show the environment and atmosphere that ROXLIFE, its trainers and members cultivate. The video on the homepage aims to inspire and motivate users to find out more about the workouts and to book a session directly through the site.

The website now has a unique design that represents the modern approach to fitness and training that ROXLIFE provides. The website feels like a truly immersive experience and it’s exciting to navigate and look through – people will be left with no choice to book or at least enquire, to find out more about the classes.


ROXLIFE now have a website that helped them to meet their 4 main aims as mentioned during the concept. The website now has a beautiful, unique and custom-built design, as well as clear call-to-actions throughout the website to take the user on a journey to booking a session (or 8!). The successful integration of the third-party systems now means that ROXLIFE have digital tools that does a lot of the lifting (again, no pun intended) for them. They can now focus on delivering high quality, exciting classes and allow Reason8 to maintain their website through a comprehensive website management package.
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A world class experience from start to finish.

Tom and the Reason8 team created a website which seriously levelled up our online presence and really made our business standout in what is a crowded market place. The ROI has been seen after just 7 days of going live and the feedback from our members has been excellent.

Can’t recommend highly enough.

Jon Chatterton.

Co-Founder & Director of ROXLIFE

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