Online Carpets & Flooring.

Matthew at Online Carpets and Flooring reached out to Reason8 to create a brand new website for his new eCommerce venture – the sale of carpet, flooring and accessories.

Please note that the information in this project was correct at the time of adding to our website. The design of the website may have changed since.

Building the concept.

Matthew, already running his own flooring installation business, wanted an eCommerce website where he could sell flooring and accessories directly to customers.

The concept was pretty straightforward. It had to be engaging, easy to use and allow customers to find and purchase products directly through the website.

With an idea of how he wanted his website to look, we put together an initial design for the website, based on competitor research and his own ideas.

Product pages had to be clear, explaining the benefits of using both the business and purchasing that very product.

We also wanted to make it easier for customers to purchase. So, we needed to add a measurement calculator and guide to the website to help customers purchase the right amount for their project.

As some products come in pre-determined sizes, we also required functionality for customers to purchase by width and length. This would also help the business owner as this is how his suppliers work, and no money is wasted in fulfilment.

Finally, customers needed the ability to filter out products by price and colour, so they can find the perfect flooring for their project.


Matthew was over the moon with his new website and customers were finding and using the website within a couple of days.

Matthew was also provided with full training on how to use his website, view orders etc., and the website will continue to grow with the addition of marketing and new product lines.
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Tom and his team created a website for an online business for me, we told Tom what we was roughly after and with a lot of communication and letting us know exactly what’s happening throughout the whole process they built us a website that absolutely exceeded all expectations we had in mind, we couldn’t ask for a better site of we tried.

Thank you Tom and the team you done a wonderful job.
Matthew Harris<span class="name">.</span>

Matthew Harris.

Director at Online Carpets & Flooring

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