Money Sphere.

Money Sphere required a simple, informative website to give potential clients more information about their finance and leasing solutions. Working with a range of businesses and schools, Money Sphere’s previous online presence simply had to be improved with an easy-to-use website and a simple way to get in touch.

Please note that the information in this project was correct at the time of adding to our website. The design of the website may have changed since.

Building the concept.

Working with over 500 schools and businesses, Money Sphere’s previous web presence was poorly designed with a slow loading speed. The design was outdated and had very little call-to-actions. The main source of traffic to the website was via social media, namely LinkedIn, and the information on the site was simply not enough to inform a potential customer and influence them to make a decision.

In terms of the design, the website was also poorly optimised for mobile and tablet. Prior to our project, the website was attracting over 60% of traffic from mobile sessions, so it was vital for user retention that the website was optimised for all devices.

Money Sphere’s website wasn’t consistent in terms of branding. From the off, Reason8 created a simple-to-understand design in line with Money Sphere’s existing brand assets.

The use of white and light blue, along with light grey sections to break up the site content, means that the website layout and information flows perfectly and information is easy to consume.

The website now contains in-depth information on every aspect of Money Sphere’s solutions, allowing a user to browse at their own leisure and be better-equipped to make an enquiry based on their requirements.

The website now has plenty call-to-actions for a user to choose from, in order to reduce the amount of clicks and time taken to get to a page or piece of content.

The mobile & tablet sites are fully responsive to any screen size, and even contain a call now button for a simple one-tap call-to-action to contact Graeme or Lee at Money Sphere.


A previously outdated, old website was updated with a fresh new look and jam-packed with information. Their website performed excellently in the first couple of months, thanks to a mixture of their social media presence and organic search growth, thanks to the SEO work we undertook on the site.
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Very clear communication during the entire process, took ownership and believed in their own abilities to ensure we got the best website possible despite some challenges from us.

We are glad Tom and his team have worked on our site, we have had nothing but good words from our customers and clients.
Graeme Aitken<span class="name">.</span>

Graeme Aitken.

Director at Money Sphere

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