Mimi Laser Clinic.

MiMi Laser Clinic reached out to Reason8 to completely revamp their online presence for a busy year ahead in 2023. We were tasked with re-designing the website, along with integrating a booking system, full and ongoing SEO optimisation and more.

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We have engaged Reason8 for a new website, SEO services and ongoing web management and related services. Having had previous adverse experiences, I was very nervous about engaging a new marketing agency and found it very difficult to trust anything anyone in the industry said to me. I did copious amounts of research and Reason8 were actually recommended to me by another larger agency who I liked but were a little big for my business.

Reason8 have just finished my new website and I couldn’t be more thrilled with it. After running my business for ten years and having had 3 previous websites, for the first time I feel that we have a website that I feel really proud of and matches up to the level of professionalism that we aim to operate at. I think Tom must be one of the most hard-working people I have ever met in any realm of life. He worked hard on our website continuously for weeks without ever showing signs of getting fed up. He was highly communicative throughout, never leaving me unsure or wondering. His communication was always clear even on technical matters. He also has great business acumen and commerciality which has been a real asset in his work for us.

I never once felt that he was more enthusiastic during the process before I became a client than afterwards which for any business owner is a common experience! He remained committed and made us feel like a genuinely valued client.

We look forward to benefiting from the SEO services which commence for us with Reason8 now.
Miriam Malik<span class="name">.</span>

Miriam Malik.

Director at Mimi Laser Clinic

Building the concept.

MiMi Laser Clinic reached out to Reason8 for a full revamp of their online presence, mainly their website and SEO.

The previous website was jam-packed full of content, but it was poorly laid out and wasn’t built to convert customers. The previous website’s SEO attracted around 300 visits per month, but with a bounce rate of over 80%, it was always unlikely that customers would book a treatment. MiMI conveys a premium feel, and we wanted the new website to reflect this.

So, our aim was to rebuild the website to make it look attractive and professional, but, with such good visitor numbers already, the website had to have clear call-to-actions for booking a treatment or a consultation online.

The second challenge for the website was to integrate a booking system in to the website, so people can book consultations, treatments and packages.

This also had to integrate with the Clinic’s existing calendar system, as well as provide customers with SMS and Email confirmations & reminders for their treatments. Customers also had to be able to pay online with their card.

So, we provided a custom-built booking system for MiMi Laser Clinic means that we were able integrate all of these features, and more. The vision behind this was to allow MiMi Laser Clinic to focus on delivering their services to customers, and growing their business.

Finally, in terms of SEO, we wanted to target customers locally, but not just in Nottingham. Laser Hair Removal is a very popular term in search engines, specifically by location, so we wanted to target people across the Midlands and even in the North who may drive down to the Clinic, therefore opening the reach of MiMi to new customers. We achieved this by building location-specific pages on the website, targeting those keywords and customers.


Once the website launched, MiMi couldn’t be happier with their new website. They now have a website that they’re not only proud to show off, but does a lot of the heavy lifting for them, 24/7.

With simple navigation, clear CTAs and a beautiful design, MiMi’s customers now have a website that they are excited to visit and be a part of.

Not only has Mimi’s organic traffic sky-rocketed, but it’s also brought with it an increase in bookings and a massive decrease in the bounce rate, meaning visitors are engaged for longer, therefore increasing the chances of a booking or an enquiry.
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Increase in Online Bookings

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