Lena Cohen Jewellery.

After a referral from our partner agency Repeat Digital, Lena Cohen Jewellery required a new website for their PPC efforts. The main aim was to improve the design of the website, to give a more ‘premium’ feel and represent the brand properly.

Please note that the information in this project was correct at the time of adding to our website. The design of the website may have changed since.

Building the concept.

Lena reached out to Reason8 to re-design her jewellery website, upon advice from our partner agency. Although the brand was performing well already, they wanted a website refresh that maintained their core values, but improved customer experience and usability for Lena Cohen herself!

The previous website had a very basic, poor design and layout, packed to the rafters with unnecessary plugins and code which was slowing the website down.

Our main aims were to improve the design of the website to represent the brand in a better way, but to also improve the performance for both the website owner and the visitors.

We took inspiration from Lena and other websites that she liked the look of. With some custom development work, pages such as individual product pages now have a fully bespoke design that lends itself to a higher chance of conversions and customer retention, because it’s easier to use and nicer to look at.

Lena was very particular about small elements on her website, and we were able to bring it to life for her with a positive approach to improving the site. Even including simple elements such as a live Instagram feed and a lookbook really brought the website to life and gave it a premium feel.

Another important part of the project was ensuring that it was suitable for the use of another agency. Our partner agency, Repeat Digital, will be working on Lena Cohen’s digital strategy, including PPC. So, ensuring that the website was also setup correctly for them to take over the reigns was a vital part of this project.


After building the website to Lena’s exact specifications, she now has a website that she can be proud to show customers.

With a brand new product page that shows the best of all the products and the brand, as well as an improved layout and a cleaner backend for better performance, the brand has a website that is better for both the day-to-day running of the website, as well as a better, more immersive experience for the loyal customers of Lena Cohen Jewellery!
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During our website development that we have ordered at Reason8, we never felt like we were put off.

Tom always answered all questions immediately, which is very important in our time, since many of digital agencies are chatty and conversational only until the moment of payment, but not Reason8.

We were satisfied with the result, and I don’t think that we were the easiest of clients as we had strong opinion on every detail.

Really responsive and easy to deal with – exactly what you would be looking for in this type of services.

Well done Reason8!
Lena Cohen<span class="name">.</span>

Lena Cohen.

Director at Lena Cohen Jewellery

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