Katri’s Jewellery.

Amy at Katri’s Jewellery reached out to Reason8 in Q2 of 2021 to create a brand new eCommerce website for her new Jewellery brand. With a following of over 1m across all social media platforms, Katri’s required a high quality, beautifully-designed website that converted customers and allowed Amy to process orders with ease.

Please note that the information in this project was correct at the time of adding to our website. The design of the website may have changed since.

Building the concept.

Amy came to Reason8 with a simple brief: to create a classy, minimalistic, easy to use website.

Katri’s main aim of the website was to make it as simple as possible for the customer to browse products, add to cart and checkout.

With lots of custom Woocommerce development and solutions we provided, we’ve not only managed to make the website simple to use and beautiful to look at, but we’ve made the backend as easy as possible to use for Katri’s to fulfil orders and focus on customer experience.

As with most projects, it can be tough to bring a person’s vision to life. But, thankfully, we understood Amy’s ideas from the beginning and we were able to create a classy, attractive website, from the homepage to the product page.

Along with being able to purchase products, as with any brand, it’s vital to convey the brand story, identity and values. We created pages that customers could visit to learn more about the brand such as Jewellery Care, Our Story and Materials – we wanted to set this brand apart from other, typical, flash-in-the-pan eCommerce brands.

Along with high quality imagery, we optimised the site for speed and integrated payment options such as Klarna, PayPal and Stripe to give customers secure payment options. When a customer places an order, they are provided with a bespoke confirmation email built by Reason8 for Katri’s, to further improve customer experience and trust in the brand.


With a previously simple but user-unfriendly website, their new website had to be a smash hit with potential clients.

That’s exactly what it was – frequently returning visitors with everything a client would need to know about their services.
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I found Reason8 and even though I was hesitant at first because this is not an area I’m experienced with.

But, I can honestly say I have made not only work associates for life but friends too.

Tom and his colleague Rachel couldn’t have been more professional, helpful and attentive. My website looks exactly, if not better, than what I had envisioned.

Excited to continue our working relationship and recommend them to everyone!
Amy Paphitis<span class="name">.</span>

Amy Paphitis.

Director at Katri's Jewellery

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