K J Civils.

Following a referral, Reason8 helped Klay Radford to create an online presence for his civils & construction company. With the company working alongside a wide range of established contractors and businesses, on a plethora of projects, Klay needed a website that was on-brand, contained information on his services with an easy way to get in touch to obtain a quote or a site visit.



Brilliant experience with Tom at Reason8 on our new website. Took the time to explain the process step by step and communicated effectively on the different stages of the build. He was also more than happy to speak with our IT company so we could integrate the website with Microsoft 365 which made that process much easier for us. Really happy with the final results would recommend to other business owners.
Klay Radford<span class="name">.</span>

Klay Radford.

Director at K J Civils & Construction Ltd.

Building the concept.

The brief for the project was pretty straightforward – to have a professional looking website that clients could use as a reference point for information on services and examples of completed projects. K J Civils also wanted the website to be able to generate interest and therefore enquiries, so a solid user experience was vital.

With existing branding, we managed to utilise the same typography and colour to use on the website for the sake of consistency. We also used the same styling (e.g. lowercase wording) to create a quirky and modern feel.

Recognising the importance of generating interest and inquiries, we strategically placed prominent calls-to-action throughout the website. Clear and concise contact information was readily available, allowing users to connect with K J Civils effortlessly. The inclusion of a user-friendly contact form and accessible phone number ensured that potential clients could reach out conveniently.

Like with most websites, we figured that the clientele that would be typically visiting this website would either be on the move, on site, or not have a lot of time to spend trawling through a website to find vital information. So, by adding clear links, labels and simple language, we were able to create an easy user experience which will lead to better traffic retention and lower bounce rates.


Following the implementation of the outlined concept, the outcome of the project for K J Civils was highly successful. The website we created not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, providing a comprehensive platform that serves as a valuable asset for their online presence.

The professional and modern design of the website resonated well with K J Civils’ branding, presenting a cohesive visual identity that reflects the company’s professionalism. The consistent use of typography, colour schemes, and styling elements throughout the site contributed to a polished and recognisable brand image.

The intuitive navigation structure proved to be a key factor in enhancing user experience. Visitors to the site could easily find information about the company’s services and browse through a gallery showcasing completed projects. The streamlined navigation paths ensured that users could effortlessly access relevant content, contributing to a positive and engaging online journey.

The strategic placement of calls-to-action, including clear contact information and user-friendly forms, successfully encouraged interaction. The website served as a dynamic tool for generating interest and inquiries, facilitating seamless communication between K J Civils and potential clients. The integration of quote request features and callback mechanisms provided a convenient avenue for users to initiate contact, ultimately contributing to increased lead generation.

Furthermore, the website’s responsiveness across various devices ensured accessibility for a wide audience. Whether accessed on desktops, tablets, or smartphones, the site maintained its functionality and visual appeal, accommodating users across different platforms.

In conclusion, the outcome of the project was a visually appealing, user-friendly website that effectively achieved its intended goals. By aligning with the initial concept and addressing the client’s specific needs, we delivered a powerful online tool for K J Civils to showcase their services, completed projects, and foster meaningful connections with potential clients. The success of this project underscores our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.
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