Join as a Rep.

Rebekah decided to invest in a new website and transition away from her old site due to the previous website being ill-suited for her needs, poorly designed, and outdated.



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Rebekah Testar<span class="name">.</span>

Rebekah Testar.

Director at Join as a Rep

Building the concept.

In crafting the concept for the Join as a Rep website, our approach was rooted in addressing the limitations of the previous site.

The existing website was deemed poorly designed and ill-suited for its purpose, lacking the vibrancy and modernity required to engage its audience effectively.

Our concept aimed to transform the platform into a vibrant and contemporary digital space. This involved a complete overhaul of the design, incorporating visually appealing elements and a more user-friendly layout. Our primary objective was to present the Join as a Rep initiative as an attractive opportunity and provide a seamless experience for potential representatives.

Through careful planning, we created a concept that not only modernised the website but also conveyed the energy and excitement of the opportunity, setting the stage for an engaging user experience.


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