JH Brickwork.

JH Brickwork Swindon Limited is a small business with over 30+ years’ experience in bricklaying & all aspects of stonework in the South West area of the UK. Specialising in everything from extensions to flat roofs, JH Brickwork works with a range of residential and commercial clients, focusing on high quality results and solutions for their clients.

Please note that the information in this project was correct at the time of adding to our website. The design of the website may have changed since.

Building the concept.

JH Brickwork reached out to Reason8 for a brand new website, to show their services and a gallery of their work completed to date. Making the website easy to navigate and understand was a clear priority from the outset. It was also vital that we designed the site to show all of the services as simply as possible on one page, with a easy-to-complete contact form for potential clients to contact the business and find out more about how they can help. To put it simply, we also wanted to design a website for JH Brickwork that made them seem an even bigger company than they actually were. We wanted to use the website as a business card for the website that portrayed all of the important information as best as possible.

In order to build confidence in these potential clients, a fast, optimised website that displayed all of the services and allowed the user to navigate easily. It was also important that we had an area on the site that showed contact details, accreditations and qualifications that shows they are the right people for the job.

To improve local SEO, we’ve broken down the locations that JH Brickwork operates within, in the hope that more customers from these areas will discover JH Brickwork and contact them for potential work.

We also made the website GDPR compliant through the implementation of a privacy and terms of use policy, along with a cookie consent bar, again, building trust amongst visitors on the site.

Finally, we designed a fresh new logo for JH Brickwork, for use on their website and van!


As a brand new website, JH Brickwork wanted to build awareness of their services and attract new customers. Within the first 3 months of going live, there was a huge spike and obvious interest in the company and what they offer, thanks to their new website.
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Amazing service from these guys, nothing was too much trouble and great results. Cheers!

Jamie Hallett.

Director at JH Brickwork

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