JCT Sound.

JCT Sound approached Reason8 to create a brand new eCommerce website for their new and refurbished tech marketplace. Previously selling on eBay, they wanted away with the third-party rules, payments and fees and wanted their own site that they had full control over, in terms of content and appearance.

Please note that the information in this project was correct at the time of adding to our website. The design of the website may have changed since.

Building the concept.

As JCT Sound already had a successful presence on eBay, they wanted their new website to now create a brand and a company – essentially taking it to that next level.

Selling popular products such as AirPods and Beats By Dre Powerbeats, SEO was a vital part of this website build in order to attract organic traffic and customers specifically looking for that product.

Going in to the project, we wanted to display a premium brand with a simple, functional website that cares about the customer and their experience.

As a website that sells technology, we wanted a modern website that displayed JCT Sound as the experts in refurbishing technology and advising customers.

We used custom fields to create dynamic data on the product pages, along with a minimalistic design that catches the user attention and keeps information simple and easy to understand.

Along with customer accounts, we also created a customer service page where customers can access their orders and edit any address or payment information.

Finally we embedded swatches to allow customers to choose the level of refurbed product that they want, therefore increasing the conversion rate of the site because people can choose a product and still access the technology within their budget.


Moving from eBay to a new website was scary for JCT Sound. But our excellent SEO work, paired with a intuitive, easy-to-use website means that customers can find the best refurbished (or new!) product for them and complete their purchase with ease.
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Tom has been really easy to communicate with.

I was looking for a website to be designed for my business that was professional, fresh and easy.

I requested some changes to the website throughout which were done quickly and now I have extended the contract to monthly SEO too.

I would recommend Reason8 to anyone who is new to all this!
Emma Whitehouse<span class="name">.</span>

Emma Whitehouse.

Director at JCT Sound

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