I’m So Good.

Luke and Emily of I’m So Good wanted to re-invent their frozen from fresh meal prep delivery business. Delivering across the UK, the new website needed to incorporate a subscription option, and allow customers to purchase their favourite meals with ease.

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I’ve got to say, the service from Tom at Reason8 is one of the best we’ve ever had in business.

We loved his relaxed approach – so knowledgeable & professional throughout the project.

We can’t recommend his company enough.
Luke & Emily<span class="name">.</span>

Luke & Emily.

Directors at I'm So Good

Building the concept.

Under the previous branding of Kitchen Prep UK, Luke and Emily were referred to Reason8 by an expert in the meal prep industry.

Their previous website was old, outdated, and not easy to use. The website was essentially a collection of images with no level of interaction – if anything on the website had to be changed, the whole image had to be changed and re-uploaded, which took a lot of time.

In comes their new branding, “I’m So Good” – Luke and Emily were ready to take their business to the next level. They wanted a brand new website that did the heavy-lifting for them, and they want to attract and retain high-intent customers on their website.

Meal prep is a highly competitive industry, dominating by some of the countries largest businesses – so the new website had to have personality, stand out, but also do what it said on the tin and be easy to use.

The website also had to retain it’s existing customers, so no data was lost, and development was undertaken on the site to ensure that certain sections and options were only visible when certain criteria were met by the customer.


Sales were coming in almost instantly upon launch of the website. Customers, both existing and new, were blown away by the beauty, simplicity and ease of use of the new website. The new I’m So Good website allows users to build their own subscription plans, view meals, their macronutrients and further info, and pay online securely. Customers also have the option of managing their subscriptions from their own account area and adding more meals to their existing plan at the click of a mouse.

For owners Luke and Emily, they now have a website they are proud to show to customers. By utilising online marketing methods such as SEO and social media, traffic that’s driven to I’m So Good is up to 3x more likely to convert in to a paying customer. The website also contains a comprehensive order tracking system integrated with DPD, so customers are engaged on the website for longer, whilst reducing delivery enquiries from customers.

Luke and Emily can also add new meals with ease, thanks to the use of custom fields and dynamic content population for their products, saving valuable time when it comes to website updates.

There are future developments also planned for the website, which is the best part of the solution we have provided – it will grow with the business.
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