Family Mediation Clinic.

After a referral from a previous client, Debbie at Family Mediation Clinic reached out to Reason8 to create a website for her brand new mediation clinic.

Please note that the information in this project was correct at the time of adding to our website. The design of the website may have changed since.

Building the concept.

Debbie contacted Reason8 as she required a new website for her mediation clinic. The brief was pretty straightforward, and like most sites, it had to be clean, professional, easy-to-use and contain important information on the services provided.

Mediation isn’t quite the legal route, however, we still wanted to convey a professional and empathetic feel to the website, to show the people going through relationship issues that there is a professional team that can help.

After researching and looking at competitor websites, as well as understanding what Debbie wanted from her website, we started to bring the site to life with consistent branding, classy font combinations and the use of high quality, relevant imagery.

We also needed to integrate a way for people to book free consultations – so we recommended Calendly to Debbie and this is available on the site for people to book online, accompanying a contact page where people can find alternative contact methods for the company.

It was also vital that accreditations and qualifications were visible, so these are clearly visible on the homepage and in the biographies of the ‘Meet the Team’ section on the About Us page.


This project has only just launched, so results will be coming soon.

However, Debbie was over the moon with her new, professional website that represents her new company.
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Tom was great to work with from start to finish, he has a great eye for design and was able to integrate all my ideas for my new website so that it has a professional feel.

He is super responsive to messages and was very patient with my ‘lack of tech knowledge’.

I would recommend Reason8 and I will be using them for my ongoing website management.
Debbie Lakin<span class="name">.</span>

Debbie Lakin.

Director at Family Mediation Clinic

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