Eternity Campers.

Eternity Campers chose Reason8 to create a new website for their Campervan Conversions, Sales and Rentals business.



Tom (Reason8) is a great guy.

Tom responded to our request of needing some SEO and website rework.

In a nut shell… we had a website built last year. The designer built our website on an old platform, Tom tried everything he could to make it work for us but the plugins and widgets needed to make our website comply caused many problems as they wasn’t compatible with our older platform.

Tom suggested that it would better all round to start from scratch, he gave us a quotation, threw in some freebies and now we have super website.

The complexity of our website having 3 different in-depth services takes time to build, word correctly, tick all the boxes and at the same time look awesome.

Having looked at Toms portfolio and the other websites that he has built, We can honestly say that our website (apart from his own) is probably the best website he has built to date.

Tom can do anything, just ask…!

Building a website and getting right is definitely hard work and time consuming for Tom and ourselves. It wasn’t a decision we made lightly, if I’m honest I totally under estimated how much work was needed from our part.

Reason8 made it relatively easy, he’s easy to talk too, he’s responsive, he is definitely a genuine guy and cares passionately about what he does.

Reason8 definitely make sure that you are happy with what service you’ve bought.
Wayne Christiansen<span class="name">.</span>

Wayne Christiansen.

Director at Eternity Campers

Building the concept.

After initially working with Eternity Campers to manage their previous website, upon our recommendations, Wayne and the team at Eternity decided to re-build their website.

The old website was clunky, outdated and the backend of the site was really hard to use and navigate through. An endless amount of unnecessary plugins meant that a simple update to content or design was an arduous task.

Not only did we want to improve this, but we wanted to improve the design and information found on the website.

Eternity identified that competitors had better-looking websites that did the heavy lifting for them, whether it was booking a campervan or buying a gift card.

So, firstly, we had to find a way to add campervans for rental to the website, with a full booking system that also took payments.

Secondly, we wanted to advertise the conversion side of the business too. Included in this was individual packages that should be broken down on the website for customers to view what was included and then book a consultation.

Finally, Eternity have pre-made campervans that they want to sell through the website, so people can also view these and arrange a viewing with Eternity.

The website had to be fully optimised for SEO, as campervans are a huge industry and full of enthusiasts, so reaching these people was vital.


Eternity Campers now have an all-singing, all-dancing, professional website that covers all aspects of their business.

From camper van sales to rentals, Eternity’s website now does the heavy lifting for them, allowing them to focus on their core, day-to-day business.
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