Dolly Cosmetics.

Dolly Cosmetics embarked on a journey to elevate their brand to the next level. Recognising that their previous website was no longer fit for purpose, we initiated a comprehensive strategy that included the creation of a brand-new website. This endeavour aimed to not only modernise their online presence but also offer a more engaging and user-friendly platform, aligning seamlessly with their evolving brand identity and vision.



Tom is very attentive and always there with quick turn around on changes.

The end result for my website is very nice not only the bit we all see but the back bone too, to get it seen.

Would recommend for a personal, fresh, quirky website!
Laura Meli<span class="name">.</span>

Laura Meli.

Director at Dolly Cosmetics

Building the concept.

The client’s brief for the project was clear and concise. They sought a comprehensive revamp of their existing website, with a primary focus on introducing new product collections to their online store.

Additionally, they were eager to incorporate eCommerce functionality that would not only meet industry standards but also set them apart from their competitors.

This multifaceted approach was aimed at enhancing the user experience and capturing the essence of their brand, ultimately contributing to their growth and success in the market.

It was crucial that the website not only showcased their product range effectively but also projected a premium and sophisticated image to their audience, positioning Dolly Cosmetics as a leading player in their niche. This premium perception was a key element in the project’s objectives, reflecting their commitment to quality and excellence.


This project has just launched, so please come back in a few weeks to see the results.
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